Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Test of Trust

This week God is really testing my trust in Him. Josh and I have been looking to buy a house. We found one we liked, rather quickly, at a very low price. We even had someone who does construction type work take a look at it and tell us that it was a great buy! So what's the problem? Well, when we began this process, I told my husband that I was praying for a miracle. I need to know that this is God. I need to know that when we make a decision as important as buying a house that we are really following where God is leading.

So back to the house. We loved it. It has fantastic gardens, a full finished basement, and was just overall sooo cute. My husband and I were so excited that we were about to get such an awesome deal, because the price was really good. We started going through the process of pre-approval and BAM! we hit a road bump. You see although we have some rough credit history in the past, one of our biggest problems is that we no longer have enough debt to buy a house.

No, you did not read that wrong. Over the last two years, Josh and I have been working on paying off our accounts and closing them. To the credit world, this is a problem. Now that we are almost debt free, it is our lack of current revolving credit accounts that is hurting our chances of getting a house.

Not only does that mean we cannot go forward right now and purchase the house we like, but worse we are being faced with a major decision to make. Our choice is to either do what the world (including many close friends) are telling us and open up some more credit cards to use and pay on regularly to help build our credit, or to do the right thing and continue working our way to a credit-free life.

This has come as a huge slap in our face, during a time when we thought we were finally gaining ground having made the right choices. We were upset, grieved, completely disappointed. But then I realized something that almost immediately changed my attitude


Sometimes I need to be reminded that even though my plans and ideas sound soooo good, God's are always better. Remember that from the beginning I said that I needed to know that this was from God. I needed a miracle. Yeah, it probably would have seemed like a small miracle, or at least a good stream of coincidences had everything worked out the way we wanted them to, but they didn't. I have to believe that God has something far more marvelous in store. I said from the beginning that this has to come as something where I have no room to take the credit. To be honest had it worked out, I probably could have found a way to take at least some of the credit.

Even though all of this hit us just last night, I am at peace about the situation. Why? How? Because I'm waiting for God's better plan to come into place. I may not know what His plan is, but I do know that it obviously wasn't mine, so it must be even better than I can imagine.

Stay tuned for a miraculous update...