Sunday, January 10, 2016

Heart Position

Hearts pouring out grumbling
Complaining on their lips.
The Israelites in the wilderness
Thinking they deserve better than "this"

Yet He hears
Yet He answers

How dare they think
Even for a moment
That what they are seemingly lacking
Gives them right to speak against
The Creator of all heaven and earth

As if He doesn't see
As if He doesn't know

They thought He took them
Out to the wilderness to die.
But what they didn't know
Or rather, what they didn't believe
Is that they had been chosen.


Or maybe they thought that gave
Them a higher status
A ranking above the rest of His creation
A place to stand with heads held high
A place to look down from

They couldn't be
More wrong

We read their story and judge
Disgusted by their ungratefulness
Forgetting the miracles that saved them
And what they left behind

They are us
Their story is ours

We too have been called
Away from a life that we knew
Where we were comfortable
Suffering in disguise
Pulled out of the place of death

Given a new land
A new position

This position is not a place to stand
To look down on the rest of Creation
It is a place to kneel
Where our eyes look up to
The One who brought us there

In His grace

Our hearts pour out grumbling
Complaining on our lips
Thinking there is more in this world
Than what we have
That should be ours

He still hears
He still answers

Our needs met without hesitation
But looking different from our expectation
Food fell from the sky to feed an entire nation
We doubt He can change our current state of affliction

Cry out
To God

Immeasurable grace is given
Faithlessness is forgiven
Hearts turned to praise
Perspective changed
Position embraced.