Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Darker Side of the Journey

What is this veil over my eyes
That clouds my vision with haze?
I walk around as though half-blind
Or lost in a self-absorbing daze.

To reach yet another mount,
Through the valley I must pass.
Just how long does the emptiness,
The separation have to last?

Voids replace love, hope.
Reaching, grabbing, I long to feel;
To feel emotion of any kind,
Just to know that I am real.

Caught in the branches,
Tangled in the roots,
Anger rages within me
As I struggle to pull loose.

The fog is so thick
In no direction can I see.
O Lord, attune my heart to hear
Every word you speak to me!

Allow me to be guided
by a quiet, listening soul.
Drawing me closer, back into your light
Where the warmth of Your presence
Makes me whole.