Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Mother's Cry

Tears fall like rain.
Tears of heartache.
Tears of pain.

I just want
To hold him once again.
To look on his face,
To see his little hand.

A bond has been forged
That can never be erased
A mother's love
Through our hearts
Has been laced.

Yet there is a love
That flows deeper
Than even a mother can give.
The love that Christ showed
When He took you to be His.

My soul cries out to God!
But I am not asking why.
Because I know
You will cherish him even more than I.

I cry out because I need you, Lord
Only You bring comfort to my soul
I cry out because there is now a void,
Only You can make me whole.

Lord, hold him in your arms
Until You call me home.
Lord, hold me too
While on this earth I still roam.

May the short time he had
Bring glory to Your name.
For I know that at least I
Will forever be changed.

Friday, May 24, 2013

This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made

This is the day (this is the day)
That the Lord has made (that the Lord has made)
We will rejoice (we will rejoice)
And be glad in it (and be glad in it)
This is the day that the Lord has made
We will rejoice and be glad in it
This is the day (this is the day)
That the Lord has made

This is the song that I woke my children up to yesterday morning. Hoping to begin our day on a positive note with maybe a little less yelling (mainly from me). Hoping for more joyful obedience (one can hope right?).

I began this day not knowing that as I awoke singing this song on my lips, later I would need to choose if I was going to sing this song in my heart. 

Because this is the day we found out that we have lost the child I am carrying. 

This is the day we found out that our little baby's heart had stopped beating and he or she will be born without life.

My heart mourns for this little life that was lost. Tears come when I least expect them. The air around me is heavy with sadness. 

But even though my heart grieves for my child, there is still joy. 

I rejoice this day knowing that God is sovereign. 
I rejoice in knowing that His plan is better than mine, no matter what it is.
I rejoice is knowing that my child is now with Him in heaven.
I rejoice in the blessings He still allows me to have on this earth. 
I rejoice in the fact that He is the God of peace, the God of love, the God of joy.
I rejoice in knowing that He is my Comforter, my Keeper, my Fortress.
I rejoice in knowing that this IS the day that HE has made.

There are still tears. There is still sadness. My heart still grieves. 

But through it all I cling to His promise:
Zeph 8:10b - "Do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." 

Today I chose to again wake my children up with that song (we told them last night what is happening). And today a new song of truth and promise rings in my heart: