Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are you a Lot?

How often do we have the attitude of Lot? In Genesis 13 Abram (Abraham) and Lot had to go there separate ways because both owned too many animals for them to reside in the same land. Abram let Lot choose which way he wanted to go. So Lot looked around and when he saw which part of the land had the greenest grass and the best looking water, that's where he decided to go. He didn't consult God, he didn't consider what Abram would want, he just looked for the "seemingly" best and took it for himself. Too many times we choose what looks like the best option for us, without consulting God or finding out if it would be to the benefit of someone other than ourselves. We just selfishly take what we want. Well, the land Lot chose was Sodom and Gomorrah. Little did he know that what seemed like the "best" was full of evil and worldly pleasure. Satan is really good at making the world look desirable and at times it even "looks" better than what God has for us. But don't be fooled by looks, because God may have some interesting surprises up His sleeve! 

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