Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Not Fair!

This week's lesson from a four year old. 

Earlier this week, we were having a snack and my daughters were upset that I would not let them have more. They expressed their feelings by whining, "That's not fair!" My four year old, Jade, replied to their whining, "The only thing that is not fair is that Jesus had to die on the cross." 

Wow. That was way more profound than what I was going to say, which was something along the lines of "Too bad." or "Life's not fair." 

I was glad she replied first, because then we got to talk about why that is the only thing that is not fair, and it became a reminder for the whole family for the rest of the week. Any time someone said, "It's not fair!" We reminded them what really wasn't fair. 

It made me think about all the things I act like are not fair in my life. Maybe I don't cross my arms and stomp my foot and whine "It's not fair!" But I might still act like it's not fair by not responding to every circumstance in life with worship and praise to the Creator, the One who was willing to die to take on my sin so that I can have renewed life. 

Sometimes I need to take a lesson from a four year old. That's ok, cuz I love that they can teach me and remind me just as I teach them. It certainly has a way of keeping this girl humbled. Thank you Lord, for such wonderful blessings!

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Joshua said...

i love that jade she does always remind us of what is really true.