Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cleaning House

I hate cleaning the house. It's tedious and laborious and by tomorrow it won't even look like I did anything. To be quite honest, the dirtiest part of my kitchen is under the table (and probably under the appliances). The dirtiest part of my living room is under the furniture. The dirtiest parts of pretty much any room in my house is under something that I don't want to have to move, and I'm pretty sure no one is going to see under anyway, so I don't bother. No matter the fact that these are the places where the germs fester and spread throughout the rest of the house.
Unfortunately, this is also true for my soul. It's so easy to not bother cleaning up the areas of my life that I think no one will see. The thoughts that no one has to know I had or feelings I have about someone or something, but don't share because it seems shameful. But just like the areas in my house that I neglect, these are the ares that affect everything else, even if not noticeably. Huh? Because these are the things that affect my character. Does it matter if no one else ever knows about it? No. God knows and He doesn't like it. That should be enough to make me want to take care of it. Is it tedious work trying to keep the secret places of my heart clean and pure? Of course it is! But I know that I don't have to do it alone. I have the Holy Spirit that can is living within me, and believe me, He's definitely checking under all the junk to make sure I'm not neglecting anything.
Does this mean I'm going to start cleaning my house better? Hey, I gotta start somewhere, and well, my life is more important. : )

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