Monday, December 12, 2011

To Be an Oak Tree

This week, in the homework of a bible study I am just finishing up, we had to take a look at Scripture that refers to those in Christ as oak trees. The key verse we were looking at is as follows:

Isaiah 61:3b - "So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified."

After looking up some other Scripture that also use the metaphor of trees, I started thinking why an oak tree? Why would this be the metaphor God chooses to describe His people? So I started thinking about what I know about oak trees and how beautiful a metaphor this truly is, and this is what I wrote:

The oak tree is strong, with roots that run deep, making it sturdy, able to withstand strong winds and rains. At times a storm may come when the branches may be torn, but the longer that tree has stood, growing, the stronger it has become. Its branches have been the joy of many a child or small animal that has played or sought refuge in its arms. Its leaves, so green with life, are a display of its connection to a significant source of water and food. Those same leaves, a wonderful display of beauty as they change colors, unveiling God's wonderful design. As winter comes and the land is barren of food, the animals feed from the fruit of its branches that has been gathered and stored for time of need. During this time it has been stripped of its clothing, washed clean and clothed in purity. It wears the snow and ice like a crown of jewels. After the snow has melted away, it bears new life on all its branches. Throughout every season, it is a wonderful display of the glory of the Lord in its strength, life, fruit, and beauty. Oh that I may be an oak tree firmly planted to display the glory of His splendor!

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Glen said...

Really rich, Barbie. Thanks.