Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Mother's Cry

Tears fall like rain.
Tears of heartache.
Tears of pain.

I just want
To hold him once again.
To look on his face,
To see his little hand.

A bond has been forged
That can never be erased
A mother's love
Through our hearts
Has been laced.

Yet there is a love
That flows deeper
Than even a mother can give.
The love that Christ showed
When He took you to be His.

My soul cries out to God!
But I am not asking why.
Because I know
You will cherish him even more than I.

I cry out because I need you, Lord
Only You bring comfort to my soul
I cry out because there is now a void,
Only You can make me whole.

Lord, hold him in your arms
Until You call me home.
Lord, hold me too
While on this earth I still roam.

May the short time he had
Bring glory to Your name.
For I know that at least I
Will forever be changed.

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